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BEEP Memories

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2017-11-03, 18:47
I was in the class of 1981-82. The friends I made there were irreplaceable. The lessons taught in this program have stayed with me all my life.
2017-06-10, 07:41
I was a BEEP this past year. I cried myself to sleep and woke up in tears. I am going to miss everyone so much, I went to a private school last year, with NO friends, the next thing you know it I have a second family who loves me. I wanted Emma Chrystan to now that she was my BEST friend. You probably wont see this but I love you so much and I am going to miss you with my heart. I will never forget that wonderful day when I walked through those life changing doors. If I could choose to stay with them forever I 100% would! I love all of you and i wish nothing but the best for you!
Tony Mock #44 '91
2014-02-12, 14:37
I attended the Blandford School over 20 years ago. Today I still carry the memories and life lessons learned there. It was a turning point for me.
Maeve #56
2013-11-13, 19:43
Abby I've always wanted to tell you that I regret making you eat the sour candy and that I'm really really really really really really really really really really really really really sorry for what I did and I'm glad you forgave me and I really shouldn't be making such a big deal about it but the more I think about it the worse I feel.
Maeve #56
2013-11-13, 19:32
I take that back I felt guilty that entire recess. I'm so sorry Abby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maeve #56
2013-11-13, 19:30
We had a competition to see which class could turn in their Spring Camp money the fastest. The losing class had to be the other class's slaves for the recess. Our class won (#s 30-60). We got to tell our "slave" (I don't like that term) our order for ice cream, and they had to do whatever we wanted them to until we told them they could get ice cream. The only things I made Abby Brandstatter (#4) do was get the band from my chicken's band and put some sour things in her mouth (after she had them in her mouth for about 3 seconds I told her she could spit them out). It was fun but I feel like I still owe her and a few other people: Jackson Glasser #41 (If he had'nt let me copy off his homework I would'nt have adopted my chicken) and Tom Vermeeche #54 (at fall camp we were dunking our heads in the lake, Mrs. McKay told us to put our galsses on the diving board, and he saved mine from going over the edge(even though we could'nt find his at the bottom of the lake).)
Zoe #6 2010-11
2013-07-31, 17:30
In the last week before spring camp, we had a huge bonfire down by the creek. We burned all of our old homework and sentence diagramming packets. Later that same week Mr.Lende brought us all down to the creek again and we had an ice cream party. Without bowls. So we all held out our hands and tried to eat the ice cream fast, so our fingers wouldn't freeze off.
Scott Bultman
2013-07-30, 17:50
All three of my children attended Blandford and it has been a turning point for each one. The friendships, experiences and memories will last a lifetime.


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